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Jesus touched the untouchable - Here we see the man who was kept at arm's length by all men, wrapped around
with the pity and compassion of the love of God (Matthew 8:2-4).

Jesus loved the unlovable - Here we see the love of God going out to help the foreigner and the slave whom men
either hated or despised.

Jesus healed the unknown, humble folk - Here we see the infinite love of God of all the universe displaying all its
power where there was none but the family to see (Matthew 8:14-15), to whom any man at any hour might come
without being thought a nuisance (Matthew 8:16-17).

Jesus challenged the badly motivated - (Matthew 8:18-22).
A)  The scribe, the short-sighted enthusiast in danger of shallow,
B)  The disciple already committed to any other duty in danger,
Bible Study - Matthew 8
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Jesus calmed the uncalmable - Here is the power of God bringing peace and serenity into tumult and confusion
(Matthew 8:25-27).

Jesus tamed the untamable - Here we see the power of God dealing with Satan's power, God's goodness invading
earth's evil, God's love going out against evil's malevolence.  Here is the goodness and love of God which save men
by overcoming the evil and hatred which ruin men's zeal, or the failure to seize the greatest opportunity (Matthew
8:28 - 9:1).