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5) Matthew 9 - Jesus' ministry
Matthew 9:27 As Jesus passed from Jarius' house two blind men followed him as well as men deprived of their sight
can follow.  Perhaps they were led by friends as they make their appeal.  This is one of several such requests made
of Jesus (see Matthew 12:22, Matthew 20:30, Matthew 21:14, John 9) among many alluded to (Luke 4:18, Luke 7:21
and 22).

The context of the entire ninth chapter is how opposition began to form against Jesus' ministry.

1. Jesus was accused of blasphemy (Matthew 9:2-8)
2. Then He was accused of immorality for receiving as intimate friends those whom no respected person would  
    consider as companions (Matthew 9:9-13)
3. Therefore the Lord was subtly accused of not being holy enough, since His disciples apparently with His approval
    did not follow those forms that expressed holiness (Matthew 9:14-17)
4. When He tried to comfort the mourners, family and friends in Jairus' house, telling them the little girl was not dead,
    but sleeping, people accused Him of madness by scorning His revelation (Matthew 9:24)
5. Last, the Pharisees take up the jealous cry, accusing Jesus of being Satan's ally (Matthew 9:34)

Son of David is taken as a title.  It was a current expression for the Christ, since the Messiah was to be the Son of

Have mercy on us, thou Son of David, is still their expression of trust in Him as Messiah and that He, as Christ, could
restore their sight.  Have mercy on us is all that is written down in their appeal, a fact which suggests that they
humbly left to Jesus the complete right to bless them as He chose.

A reason for Jesus' warning is that His ministry would be hindered and frustrated by excited crowds, spiritually
unable or unwilling to grasp what He must reveal to them about the Kingdom of the Son of David.

It was never so seen in Israel.  This was literally true, since there had never been in Israel's long history such a vast
collection of wonderful evidences of the presence of God with His people.

The Pharisees stands in direct opposition to the response of the multitudes.

By the prince of demons casted he out demons.  This charge is almost funny, since it represents the best efforts of
the concentrated attention of the Pharisees to arrive at an answer to Jesus' miracles.  These frustrated sectarians
answered only the miracles connected with demon-possession, since they could not reply to any of the others.  
They had a philosophical system that boxed God into dimensions they could control by manipulation of their
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