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9) Matthew 8 - Jesus heals leper (Matthew 8:1-4)
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This is a map of the area that Jesus was traveling through as he calmed the storms and cast the demons out of

When Matthew wanted to show God's power at work in Jesus of Nazareth, he picked the most loathsome disease he
could conceive.  The leper's request it was:
     A) Original:  there were no previous recorded instances of such a cure amid all the Judean and Galilean
          cures.  Perhaps he reasoned:  "It is no secret what God can do; what He's done for others He can do for me
     B) Courageous:  "full of leprosy", "in a city" directly to Jesus he came with a courage born of desperate hope.
     C) Pitiful:  "Lord, if you will. . ."  Is he not sure of Jesus' willingness?  He had a repulsive disease from which
          people recoiled in disgust; it was a horrible, living death.  It was a contaminating disease; rabbis wanted
          nothing to do with him or his kind; they even delighted in throwing stones to keep him at a distance so as to
          insure their ceremonial purity.  He had an isolating or separating disease which barred him from human
     D) Believing:  he had a perfect confidence in Jesus' power and even in Jesus' willingness to welcome the man    
          whom everyone else would have driven away.
     E) Humble:  There is no demand here, no thoughtless claim upon His time, or energies.  His unspoken plea:  "I
          cast myself upon your heart."
The first command:  Obey God's revelation for those in your situation.

To the cleansed leper it was:  Jesus got involved and touched this leper.  Go show yourself to the priests for a
testimony to them.  They must hear of My power first.  Offer the sacrifices Moses command for your cleansing.  Not
even so marvelous a cleansing as that from living death can excuse you from your normal duties to God.

Jesus touched the untouchable, crossed the chasm and got involved in our suffering, our sorrows.  Who can refuse
such love as He gives?  No man can ever feel himself incurable in body or unforgivable in soul while Jesus Christ

I want us to look at the ones that Jesus healed and dealt with in this chapter.  It is all those who are not thought of as
the elite of the world.  We build buildings in nice neighborhoods and seek those of our own economic strata.  We
must look here and elsewhere.  How do we do this?
     1) Send written material or CDs
     2) Visit the neighborhoods
     3) Make some efforts to reach out