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4) Matthew 14 - Touching Jesus' garment
Matthew 14:36 - and they besought Him that they might only touch the border of His garment.

They approach Him with great humility; they came to Him as those that were sensible of their distance, humbly
beseeching Him to help them; and their desiring to touch the hem of His garment.  They thought themselves
unworthy that He should take any notice of them, that He would even speak to their case, much less touch them for
their cure.  They will look upon it as a great favor, if He will give them permission to touch the hem of His garment.

They did not expect the formality of striking His hand over the place or persons diseased, as Naaman did (2nd Kings
5:11); but they were sure that there was in Him such an overflowing fullness of healing, that it could not fail to be

It is important to remember here that the modern expression: "We are but touching the hem of the garment" has
nothing essential in common with this story, because that expression means "we are only beginning to tap the
potentiality of something."  There is no connection between that notion and this story, because the people of
Gennesaret experienced the full total cleansing, healing power of God by that touch.

These Jews said: we brought nothing to Jesus when we let Him know of our need:
       1) No external inducements were offered Him, except the reality and extent of our need, to stir His compassion.
       2) No certificates of faithful attendance at synagogue were offered as proof of our worthiness - those who
           approach this holy Lord must do so out of real humility.
       3) We made no appeals to His pride; ours was an appeal to His mercy and an appeal that was fully confident of
           and totally dependent upon His power.
       4) We offered Him no money.  All we sought was the privilege to bring our sick into contact with His power.  This
            is the only approach acceptable to Jesus Christ; we have no righteousness worth mentioning and must
            depend entirely upon His grace.

The results:  sick were universally healed:
       1) There were none who were given only temporary relief.
       2) There were none whose complaint was rejected as too difficult for Jesus to correct.
       3) There were none who went away hopeless, saying He could not.

He who can miraculously heal the body proves by that act that He can save our souls too.

In the Day of Judgment, will the men of Gennesaret stand up and condemn our generation, for they graciously and
gladly brought their sick to the great Physician, whereas we could bring our friends and neighbors to the Prince of
Life, so that they may have eternal salvation, but we have not done it?  Are we consistently anxious for the whole
neighborhood to have the joy of preparation for Jesus' coming to our world?
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