Route 7 - Confession of Christ - 1st John 4:15
The Greek word rendered "confession" is homologeo, lit., to "say the same thing," i.e., not to deny (From The New
Unger's Bible Dictionary, Originally published by Moody Press of Chicago, Illinois, Copyright(c) 1988.)  In the Bible
most of the uses of the word confession fall into one of two categories:
 - The profession of belief in a doctrine; an open, bold, and courageous proclamation of one's faith. (from
    Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Copyright (c) 1986, Thomas Nelson Publishers)
 - An admission of sins, made either to God or to one another

In today's study, we will look at passages which show confession of faith in Christ and the results of it.

What Confession of Christ is Not

Biblical confession is not telling ones "conversion experience" or describing their "feelings."  Neither of these
practices are is scriptural.

Nor is biblical confession making the statement before baptism, "That God has for Christ's sake pardoned my sins."

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Neither is biblical confession based on doctrines of men.

7 - 1st John 4:15
 - However, see what 2nd John 9 states.
 - Would it be possible for one to abide in God, and yet not abide in the doctrine of Christ?  No, for one to have
   both the Father and the Son, they must be abiding in the doctrine of the Son.
 - Therefore, confessing Christ must be done obediently and according to His will.

7 - Matthew 7:21-23
 - It is not enough to simply attach Christ's name to any and every activity done in the name of religion.  It must be
   done according to the will of the Father as revealed in the doctrine of Christ.

Biblical Confession of Christ

7 - Matthew 16:16
 - When the Lord asked His disciples who men were saying that He was, their answers were varied: John the    
   Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah, or one of the prophets.
 - But when asked who THEY said He was, Peter's reply was one of boldness and unwavering confidence.  It was a
   personal statement of fact.  "You ARE the Christ, the Son of the living God."

7 - Acts 8:36-37
 - When the nobleman from Ethiopia wished to be baptized, the preacher, Phillip, consented to baptize him only if
   he was a believer.
 - Philip could not read the mind of the Ethiopian.  The only way Philip could be assured of the Ethiopian's belief
   was if he told Philip of his faith in Christ, or "said the same thing" that was in his heart.  His act of obedience in
   baptism came from a heart of assurance that Christ was who He said He was.

Why Some Do Not Confess Christ, and the Consequences
7 - John 12:42-43
 - False pride and the desire for the praise of men can lead us to deny our need for Christ.
 - We may fear what men may do to us, as the Pharisees feared religious persecution from their fellow Jews.
 - We may find more pleasure in reward from men, NOW, than the hope of reward from God in ETERNITY.

7 - Matthew 10:33-36
 - Unfortunately for the unbeliever, the Day of Judgment will be too late to confess Christ in this life.
 - If we are unwilling to confess faith in Christ before men, we will be denied before the Father by the very One who
   came to save us, and has the power to do so.
 - Among the many relationships we may sustain with people, the Lord chose family to show that even the very
   closest relationships on earth must not interfere with the bold expression of our faith in Christ.
 - The consequences of such confession may be painful, lonely, and ongoing, but praise of God will make it all
   worth it.
           All Will Eventually Confess Christ

7 - Romans 14:11
 - While living on this earth, most people will not be willing to confess their faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.
 - But a Day is coming, the Day of Judgment, when people will have no choice but to confess Him.
 - Romans 14:10-12 states:
    - ALL will stand before the judgment seat of Christ.
    - EVERY knee will bow before Him.
    - EVERY tongue will confess Him to God.
    - EACH of us will be held accountable before God the Father.

Blessings from Confessing Christ

7 - Matthew 10:32
 - Christ promises to confess us before God the Father, but His action is dependent on our willingness to have
    confessed our faith in Him to others.
7 - Revelation 3:5
 - If we are obedient to Christ in overcoming sin, not only will Christ confess our name before God the Father and
   the angels, but our name will remain written in the Book of Life.

7 - Romans 10:9-10
 - He must not only believe that a man named Jesus lived, but believe that He died for us, was buried for us, and
   God raised Him back to life.
 - Confession of ones faith in Christ as the Son of God will result in salvation from sin.
 - Christ commanded the disciples to teach all nations, and to baptize the believers.  Before one can be baptized   
   he must be a believer, and in making the confession that fact is made known, and is "unto salvation."  
    - Mark 16:15-16
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