Route 6 - Repentance - 2nd Peter 3:9
6 - 2nd Peter 3:9
 - Ezekiel 18:23 The Lord takes no pleasure in the death of a sinner, but would rather that he turn (repent) and
 - It has been suggested that repentance is the most difficult command in the Bible.  It strikes at the taproot of our
   troubles - pride.
 - We are going to look at who preached it, what repentance is not, what it is, how important it is, and what will be
   the result for those who do not repent, and for those who do.

6 - Matthew 3:1-2
 - Who preached repentance, and why?  John the Baptist, because the kingdom of heaven was near (at hand).

6 - Matthew 4:17
 - After John the Baptist was imprisoned by Herod, Jesus began to preach the same message as John had.
 - Who preached repentance, and why?  Jesus, because the kingdom of heaven was near (at hand).

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6 - Luke 24:46-47
 - Just before Jesus ascended back to heaven, what message did He say should be preached in His name?  
   Repentance and remission of sins.

6 - Acts 17:30-31
 - Why did Paul preach that all men everywhere should repent?  Because, just as certain as the resurrection of
   Jesus Christ, the day of judgment is coming.
 - Fear of judgment should cause every man to repent.  It is a command to be obeyed.

6 - Luke 5:32
 - Who did Jesus say should repent?  Sinners.

6 - Acts 8:13, 20-23
 - Who did Peter say should repent?  A saved man named Simon, a former sorcerer.
    - Some say Simon was not a saved person.
    - Mark 16:16, He who believeth and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.
6 - 2nd Corinthians 7:9-10
 - Is any kind of sorrow for sin repentance?  No.
 - Ungodly sorrow, or sorrow of the world, leads to death.  When one recognizes his lost condition and is overcome
   by sorrow of the world, he seeks relief from pain and guilt in what the world has to offer that will numb his pain:
   drink, drugs, sleep, activity, even suicide.  This ultimately leads to spiritual death.
 - Godly sorrow leads to repentance, and repentance leads to salvation.

6 - Matthew 27:3-5
 - Is remorse (to care afterwards, regret) repentance?  No.  It does not lead the sinner to turn to God.

6 - Acts 2:36-38
 - Is repentance a conviction wrought by a direct operation of the Holy Spirit apart from the Word?  No.  Vs 37 -
   "Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart."  "heard this" = heard the gospel.
 - Those who were convicted of guilt in the death of the Lord, desiring to know what to do to escape their guilt
    (v37) were instructed, predicated on their faith in Christ, to repent and be baptized in order to enjoy the
    remission (forgiveness) of their sins.  Notice: Repentance did not come before faith.
Repent: from Greek word "metanoeo." "to change one's mind, purpose, or will, a change for the better, and
ammendment, repentance from sin." (W.E. Vine)
 - A change of will, heart, mind, or purpose.  Mental act which must result in a change of character and conduct.
 - Involves both mind and lifestyle

6 - Matthew 3:7-8
 - Is simply seeking escape from punishment repentance?  No.  True repentance bears fruit.

6 - Romans 2:4
 - What motivates true repentance?  The recognition of God's forbearance, His longsuffering, His goodness.
   John 3:16 - We seek Him because of His love for us.

6 - Ezekiel 33:14-16
 - What is necessary for true repentance to take place?  Turning from sin, and restitution, if possible.
6 - Acts 26:20
 - How can we recognize one who has repented?  They do works that are suitable to their repentance

6 - Luke 15:18
 - What did the son do?  He arose and went.  He turned from his former life, and returned to his father.

6 - Matthew 21:28-29
 - What did the son do?  He corrected his action.  He turned from rebellion to obedience.

6 - 1st Thessalonians 1:9
 - How did the Thessalonians demonstrate their repentance?  They turned from idols to God.

6 - Acts 19:19
 - What did the repentance of the Ephesians cost them?  Fifty thousand pieces of silver.
6 - Luke 19:8
 - What did Zacchaeus see was necessary for true repentance?  Restitution.
 - It may sometime not be possible to make restitution (murder).  But the determination, desire and effort must be
   there if the Lord is to accept the genuineness of our repentance.

6 - Luke 16:18
 - What will it cost and adulterer to repent?  Heartache as they put away their unlawful mate.  This may be easy to
   see, but difficult to accomplish.  See Ezra 10:10-11.

6 - Hebrews 6:4-6
 - What makes it so difficult to get a child of God to repent who has turned their back on God?  They have done it
   knowingly, willingly, with disregard for the sacrifice Christ made on their behalf.  See Hebrews 10:26.
6 - Luke 13:3
 - What will happen to those who do not repent?  They will perish

6 - Matthew 11:20, 23-24
 - During Christ's Galilean ministry, He made his home in Capernaum.  They saw His miracles.  They knew his
   power.  Yet, they refused to repent.
 - What does Jesus say would have happened to Sodom if it had seen what Capernaum had seen.  It would have
   been saved.

6 - Luke 11:32
 - What will be the result for the generation that knew Christ but did not repent?  They will be judged by the
   penitence of Nineveh.
6 - Jonah 3:1-2, 4-5, 10
 - What do we learn from this passage about God's reaction to repentance?  God responds to our decision to

6 - Isaiah 55:7
 - What will be the result when one repents, turning from wickedness, to the Lord?  God will pardon him.

6 - Luke 15:7
 - Where is there interest int he welfare of one who repents?  In heaven.

6 - Acts 11:18
 - God grants repentance to man if he will yield to divine influence.  That influence is exerted through God's holy
   Word.  Repentance, predicated on faith and resulting in obedience, leads to life.

6 - James 5:19-20
 - We should always be working to save not only ourselves, but to watch for the souls of our brethren in Christ,
   alert to their spiritual health, and, when necessary, ready to exercise courage in bringing them to repentance.
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