Route 5 - What it means to Believe on Jesus - John 3:14-16
5 - John 3:14-16
 - This text is sometimes called the "Golden Text of the Bible."  This is so because it presents to us in one verse
    the following:
    - The Greatest Being - God
    - The Greatest Motive - Love
    - The Greatest Need - the World
    - The Greatest Sacrifice - the only Begotten Son
    - The Greatest Offer - Whosoever
    - The Greatest Condition - Believeth
    - The Greatest Tragedy - Perish
    - The Greatest Promise - Everlasting Life
 - Most everyone is acquainted with this text.  However, few truly understand what it means to believe on Jesus.  In
   our study, we want to learn what it means to believe on Jesus Christ and be saved.

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5 - Numbers 21:8-9
 - God told Moses to make a brass serpent and put it on a pole in the center of the camp.  What did God say the
   people must do to be healed?  He said if those who had been bitten by the fiery serpents would come to the  
   pole and look on the brass serpent, they would be healed.  Israel was saved by faith; however, it was not by faith
   alone.  There was something God required of them in order to be healed - they had to look.  Could they remain
   in their tents and say, "I believe, I believe"?  No, they had to obey God.  Now, Jesus said that He, the Son of
   Man, would be lifted up like the serpent in the wilderness was lifted up.  Just as the Israelites were not saved by
   faith alone, neither are we saved by faith alone; we have to obey Jesus.  There is no doubting that we are
   saved by faith, but we are NOT saved by faith alone.

5 - John 3:18-21
 - What does it take to be condemned? Verse 18: Don't believe in Jesus.
 - Jesus describes the character of the faith that is required in order to be saved.
 - How do we recognize someone who does not believe in the Son of God?  The man that believeth not and is
   condemned is the man that "does evil" and whose "deeds were evil."
 - How do we recognize someone who DOES believe in the Son of God?  The man that believes on Him and is not
   condemned is the man "who does the truth" whose deeds are "done in God."
5 - James 2:14-26
 - Faith without works is dead being alone.  It is neither faith nor works alone, but both together.  This is illustrated
   by the following:
    - Desire without the appropriate action in relieving the needy (verse 15-16)
    - Dead faith of the demons (verse 19)
    - The obedience of Abraham (verse 21-23)
    - The obedience of Rahab (verse 25)

5 - Genesis 22:12
 - When did Jehovah say He knew that Abraham feared God?  It was not until he had done all that Jehovah
   commanded him concerning Isaac (see Genesis 22:2-11).
5 - Hebrews 11:17-19
 - By what did Abraham offer up Isaac?  Faith.  What did he believe?  That God could raise up Isaac from the
   dead.  His obedience to God was a matter of faith.

5 - Joshua 2:17-19
 - Rahab was instructed to put he scarlet cord in the window of her house.  Which was on the wall, and bring all
   her family inside.  If she did not do this, what would become of her and her family?  They would perish.  Rahab
   and her family were saved alive by an obedient faith.

5 - Hebrews 11:31
 - By faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believed not.  Her obedience was of faith.  Her faith saved
   her because it was made perfect thought works.
5 - Acts 2:36-41
 - Peter preached Christ to the audience.  Verse 37 indicates without doubt that these men were convicted of the
   truth of his preaching - there were pricked in their hearts.
 - Did their belief cause them to feel saved or lost?  Lost.
 - It was only after repentance and baptism that they were saved and added to the church (verse 47, the Lord
   added to the church daily those who were being saved.)
 - What in verse 41 indicates the people believed?
 - How was their faith perfected?

5 - Acts 16:14-15
 - Did Lydia regard herself as a believer when she heard the Gospel or after she had obeyed the Gospel?
 - Obviously, she was not regarded a believer until after her obedience to the Gospel. ("If you have judged me to
   be faithful to the Lord...")
5 - Acts 16:31-34
 - Was the Phillippian jailer called a believer before his repentance and baptism or after?  (verse 34)  He is not
   called a believer until after he is baptized into Christ.

5 - Hebrews 5:8-9
 - Of whom is Jesus the Savior?
 - Is Jesus the Savior of ALL who obey Him?
 - Are there any whom Jesus saves who have not obeyed Him?

5 - Mark 16:16
 - This is what Jesus has asked you to do.  Have you obeyed Him and been saved?
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