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Route 2 - The Eternal Purpose of God - 1st Corinthians 2:7
2 - 1st Corinthians 2:7
 - The apostle Paul does not say that their PREACHING was mysterious, or that their doctrine was unintelligible,
   but he refers to the fact that this wisdom had been "hidden in a mystery" from people until that time, but was
   then revealed by the gospel.

2 - 1st Peter 2:11
 - Given the dual nature of man, scripture shows there can be conflict between the outward man and the inward

2 - James 1:14-15
 - When those wrong desires mature, they result in sin and death
2 - James 4:4
 - Cares, temptations and desires of this world lead man into sin, and sin separates man from God

2 - Psalms 147:5
 - Yet, God has great power over many things.  See also Ephesians 1:19 and 1st Chronicles 29:11-12

2 - Ephesians 2:1-3
 - In relation to real spiritual life, the Ephesians had been, in consequence of sin, like dead men.  But God had the
   power to give them life.

2 - Isaiah 59:1-2
 - God's power is great, but it cannot violate His will.
2 - 1st Corinthians 10:13
 - We have seen that committing wrong has terrible consequences for mankind.  But God has not left man
   powerless in the face of sin.

2 - Titus 3:7
 - Nor has God left man without hope beyond this life.

2 - Romans 6:23
 - That hope of eternal life is found in Jesus Christ.

2 - 1st Timothy 6:12
 - Sin will bring death, but eternal life is within man's grasp.
2 - John 3:16
 - God planned that man could escape the punishment for sin, and have eternal life.

2 - Ephesians 3:10-12
 - Purpose: prothesis: setting forth, putting out, presentation, plan, resolve, will.  The setting forth of a thing,
   placing it in view - Thayer
 - God's plan, His purpose, for the saving of mankind was not an afterthought, but was eternal in nature.  It was
   a plan which from eternity He determined to execute.  It was not a new device; it had not been drawn up to
   serve an occasion; but it was a plan laid deep in the eternal counsel of God, and on which He had His eye
   forever fixed.  This passage proves that God had a plan, and that this plan was eternal.
2 - Ephesians 1:3-4
 - Before the world was made, God had made provision for us to have a life of holiness.
 - God has no new plan.  He forms no new schemes.  He is not changing and vacillating.

2 - 2nd Timothy 1:9
 - This life of holiness would be available though Christ Jesus.
 - God INTENDED to give us His plan, for it was not ACTUALLY give before time began
 - The thing was so certain in the divine purposes, that it might be said to be already done.
          - Joshua 6:1-2  All it lacked for Israel to have Jericho was for them to obey God's commands regarding
            marching, shouting, blowing the trumpets, and climbing over the fallen walls to take it.  God had promised,
            and it would happen.  His plan was already given.
2 - Titus 1:2
 - The fact that God cannot lie; that it is his nature always to speak the truth; and that no circumstances can ever
   occur in which He will depart from it, is the foundation of all our hopes of salvation.  And this promise was made
   before time, in eternity.

2 - 1st John 2:25
 - Eternal life for mankind is the eternal purpose of God.  What a loving God!  And what a wonderful hope.

It should greatly increase our gratitude to God, that His plan was a subject of eternal design; that He always has
cherished this purpose; and that He has loved us with such love, and sought our happiness and salvation with such
intensity, that in order to accomplish it, He was willing to give His own Son to die on a cross.
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