Route 16 - After Death - Job 14:1-2
There are many ideas about what becomes of a person following their death.  Some believe death marks an end of
everything about a person.  Others believe that the spirit of the person continues to exist in some other form,
whether inanimate, animal, or human.  Scripture clearly shows that the spirit of man does continue to exist, and that
what becomes of that spirit is dependent on what has transpired during their lifetime on earth.

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16 - After Death - Job 14:1-2
 - Humans are born into this world, but not forever.
 - 1st John 2:15-17

- The things of this world are also not forever, but following the will of God will secure eternity for man.

16 - John 3:19-20
 - In this world, humans can choose between the Power of Darkness and the Kingdom of Christ
 - The sinner, practicing evil, lives under the power of darkness and disobedience, away from the light brought into
    the world by Jesus Christ.
 - 1st John 1:6
         - We cannot have fellowship with Christ and darkness at the same time.
 - James 1:13-15
      - One who allows temptation to lead him into sin is following the path that leads to spiritual death.
 - Colossians 3:25
    - Sin will have its reward, no matter who the sinner is.

16 - Colossians 1:13
  - The obedient has been brought out of the Power of Darkness into the Kingdom of Christ.
  - Ephesians 2:1-10     - Formerly dead in sin, the obedient is now alive with Christ.
  - Romans 6:17-18      - Formerly enslaved by sin, the obedient is now enslaved to righteousness.
  - Hebrews 12:28         - The obedient now lives a life of reverence and godly fear in the Kingdom of Christ.


16 - Hebrews 9:27
  - Death is an appointment all must keep until the Lord comes.
  - Psalms 90:10


Place of the dead.
This place is sometimes called "Hell" in the King James Version and comes from:
       - Old Testament - the word
sheol - "the unseen state"
       - New Testament - the word
hades - "the unseen world"
Hades is divided into two segments with a great gulf between

The first realm is Abraham's Bosom, or Paradise.

16 - Luke 16:19-22
  - At his death, Lazarus was carried by the angels to a place referred to as Abraham's bosom.
  - Some object to a literal interpretation of this passage, saying it is simply a parable of the Lord, an earthly story
    with a heavenly meaning.
       - Jesus referred to this beggar by name.
       - If this account is not to be taken literally, what is the lesson in it?
  - Acts 2:27, 31
       - Verse 27 is a quotation from Psalms 16:8-11
       - Following Christ's death, His soul was in hades while His body rested in the grave, awaiting His resurrection
         when the soul and body would be reunited.
  - Luke 23:43
       - That realm of hades where the soul of Jesus waited is called Paradise.  The soul of the thief on the cross was
          with Him in Paradise.

16 - Ezekiel 18:20
  - Because infants are incapable of lust and sin, they have not entered into the power of darkness, and are safe
     from punishment.
  - Thus, when infants die, they are carried to Abraham's Bosom
  - Matthew 18:2-3
  - Matthew 19:13-14
       - Jesus shows His disciples the nature they must have to be citizens in the Kingdom of Christ.  They must be
          innocent, and pure of heart as little children.

The second realm is Torment or Tartarus

16 - Luke 16:23-25
  - When the disobedient die, they go to a place of torment.
  - Hebrews 6:4-8      - When the unfaithful die, they go to a place of torment.

Between Paradise and Torment is a Great Gulf

16 - Luke 16:26-31
  - This great gulf separates the two realms of hades, Abraham's Bosom from torment, creating a barrier between
     the two that no one may cross.
  - 2nd Peter 2:4,9
       - The realm of hades called Torment holds those who were wicked until the Day of Judgment.
       - No one who has died can leave hades to return to earth.

The End

At the time of the end, three events will take place: 1) the second coming of Jesus, 2) the resurrection of both the
righteous dead and the wicked dead, and 3) judgment.

Second Coming

16 - Acts 1:9-11
  - Following His resurrection, Jesus' disciples saw Him leave the earth, be received in a cloud, and go up toward
  - Angels assured them that the Lord would come again in the same manner (will come in just the same way you
     have seen him go - New American Standard).
  - Revelation 1:7
  - 2nd Peter 3:3-4, 10
       - Man may become complacent, not fearing the second coming of Christ simply because He has not come yet.  
          But He is coming, and all the material things we gather around ourselves will be burned up.


16 - John 5:28-29
  - There will be a general resurrection of both the good and evil in THE HOUR.
  - 1st Corinthians 15:20-23
       - Because Christ was risen from the dead first, we can trust that our souls will not remain in hades, or our
          bodies in the grave.  There WILL be a resurrection.
  - 1st Corinthians 15:42, 51-57
       - How will our bodies be different after we are raised from the dead?  They will be changed so that they will
          never decay or corrupt again.  They will be immortal.
  - 1st Thessalonians 4:15-18
       - Will all men die?  No.  What will become of those who are still alive when Jesus returns from heaven?  They
          will join with the resurrected saints to meet the Lord in the air, and be with Him forever.


16 - Matthew 25:31-46
  - It is clear from this description of the judgment scene that all men will have to appear before Christ.
  - How will we be divided?  On the basis of our righteousness or wickedness.
  - The reward for the righteous is eternal life.  The outcome for the wicked is eternal punishment.
  - John 12:48                    - By what standard will all be judged?  The word of Christ.
  - 2nd Corinthians 5:10     - On what basis will man be judged?  His actions.
  - Acts 17:30-31
       - What gives us confidence that there will be a judgment day?  The eventual judgment of all mankind is just as
          sure as the resurrection of Christ.
  - Romans 14:10-12
       - Why would we show disdain for someone for whom Christ died?  Just as Christ died for us, He died for every
          other sinner.  We will be judged just as surely as they will be.
  - Matthew 7:21-23           - On what basis will we be judged?  Our unlawful actions.
  - Hebrews 10:26-31
       - Why is it a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God?  Our rebellion will leave us with no escape
          from judgment, and fiery indignation.
  - Revelation 20:12-15
       - Will our judgment be based on how fervently we believed?  No but on our works.
       - And if we have been rejected, we will be cast into the lake of fire where death and hades will be.


Heaven, the eternal abode of the righteous

16 - 1st Peter 1:3-4
  - Because of the resurrection of Christ from the dead, what reward awaits the righteous?  Incorruptible, undefiled,
     permanent home in heaven.
  - Revelation 21:4,22-27

Hell, the eternal abode of the wicked.

This term Hell comes from the Greek word
gehenna (Valley of Hinnom), the place of eternal punishment of the

16 - Matthew 10:28
  - Mark 9:43-48
       - Nothing we can imagine or value on earth is worth losing our soul in hell.  It is a terrible place of fire, and
  - Matthew 13:40-42, 49-50
  - Matthew 25:41,46
  - 2nd Thessalonians 1:7-9
  - Revelation 21:8

Conclusion: "Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to
be in holy conduct and godliness" (2nd Peter 3:11).
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