Route 13 - The Name - Acts 11:26
Many in the religious world affirm that there is "nothing in a name."  They contend that it really doesn't matter what
you call yourself.  In some cases the name by which they are known is derived from their doctrine, organization,
founder, or other identifying characteristics.  It should be evident to all that it is extremely important that we know
how the Bible regards the name by which we are called.

Church of Christ
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        The Name of Individual Believers
13 - The Name Christian - Acts 11:26
- Notice that they "were called" by the name Christian.  The word "called" is used in these texts:
   - Matthew 2:23
   - Hebrews 11:16
- The term "Christian" does not indicate that their enemies gave it in derision, but rather, it indicates that it was
given by revelation from God.
   - Isaiah 62:2-3

13 - Acts 26:27-29
- Paul recognized the name Christian as the divine name.

13 - 1st Peter 4:14-16
- Peter states the only name which it is possible to wear and glorify God.
- It is the name of Christ; we are Christians.
13 - James 2:7
- The Disciples were called by a "worthy (noble) name."  What was it?
- It was Christian.

13 - Acts 4:10-12
- Why is Jesus' name "worthy"?  Jesus has been raised from the dead.
- He is the stone that was made the chief corner stone.
- There is salvation in no other name than His.
- The name is important.

              The Name of the Body of Believers

13 - 2nd Corinthians 11:2
- If the bride takes on the name of another man, her husband would be jealous.
- The bride wears the name of the bridegroom.
13 - Ephesians 3:14-15
- The family wears the name of the father
    - Hebrews 2:12-13
    - 1st Peter 1:22-23
    - Galatians 3:26-27

13 - Ephesians 1:22-23
- The body of believers in Christ Jesus is also called His church.

13 - Acts 20:28
- A name often denotes ownership (ex: John's car).  The next few verses will have to do with the ownership
thought.  Here we learn that Christ
purchased the church with His own blood.
- He owns it.
13 - Matthew 16:18
- Christ promised to build His church.  He did build that church.
- It should wear His name to denote His ownership.
    - Acts 16:15, 40

13 - Romans 16:16
- We ought to call the church by its owner's name, "Church of Christ."

13 - 2nd Timothy 2:19
- Who are those that belong to the Lord?
    - Only those that have named His name belong to Him.
- What is that name?
    - Christ
13 - 1st Corinthians 1:12-16
- Paul states the conditions upon which one may wear another's name:
    - Crucifixion for the one who wears the name.
    - Baptism into that name.
- Who was crucified for us?
    - Christ
- Into whose name are we baptized?
    - Acts 2:38
- What name ought individuals to wear in acknowledgment of His death for us?
    - Christians
- What name ought his body to wear in recognition of His ownership?
    - Church of Christ

The name we wear is important.  If we are Christ's, we should wear His name.
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