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This study came about because of the expressed need of conscientious Christians who want to help others know
the power of the Gospel.

There are many marking methods available.  The idea of a "routing" system came to Edward Brouillette while on a
trip following a map route.  He said the numbering of the highways made it easier for him to arrive at his destination
with fewer side trips and frustrations.  Jeff Asher added several topics to the list of this study.

This series is designed to help guide you through a bible study by using a routing system.

No marking yet - these are introductory verses and remarks.
Ephesians 3:3-4
  - In spite of Paul's statement it is evident that some misunderstand, pervert and/or deliberately misapply

John 5:39-40
  - The Bible is not a daily newspaper to be read through and discarded with no further thought.

2nd Timothy 2:15
  - Paul instructed Timothy to use the Scriptures carefully

2nd Peter 1:3
  - Peter also had something to say about the usefulness and value of Scripture.

James 1:21-25
  - James issued a warning about our response to what we read.
The Bible is a textbook, authored by God, that tells us about God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and man.  It includes God's
plans for us, His commands, His promises, and His warnings.  Since this is all true, all of us ought to want to know
more about the Bible and how to use it.
Hebrews 4:12
  - The writer of Hebrews wrote that the word of God is a weapon

Jude 3
  - Jude saw the need for us to use the Bible with courage and conviction.  How can we use a weapon, or tool, if
    we have no knowledge or training concerning its effectiveness, or even its potential power?  We must stop
    "playing around with it" and get serious.

1st Peter 2:12
  - Peter said Christians should live what they believe, and continue to grow in it.

2nd Peter 3:18
  - Peter also said Christians should continue to grow in their knowledge of Christ.

Hebrews 5:12
  - Paul rebuked some older Christians for not having become what they were capable of becoming.

1st Peter 3:15
  - In this study, we will attempt to become more profitable servants of the Lord, more effective soldiers for the
    truth and more confident proclaimers of the Gospel

The creator of this study recommends that your mark the routes through the Bible with a red pen.  If you do not want
to mark in your Bible, then these routes will still be a good "take along" when you study the Bible with others.  

If marking your Bible, then find a blank page in the Bible (usually in the front) to use as an "index" and starting point
for each route.  On that page, you will write the route number, the subject, and the 1st Bible verse in the route.  
Once you do that, then you will turn to that Bible verse, underline the verse or verses (if you wish) and write the
routing number that you are using beside the verse.  At the bottom of that page in your Bible, you will write the
routing number and the next Bible verse (or verses) in the route.  You will repeat this procedure until you are
through the whole route.   

The creator of this study wanted to emphasize that this is just a system for being prepared to teach the lost.  They
emphasize that the power is not in the system, but in the Word of God.  The system will only be effective if we are
diligent to study the passages in each route and are prepared to discuss them.  They recommend that when we are
studying with someone needing conversion, we have them go to each passage and read the text from their own

Read Romans 10:8-17.  We need to realize that what we are doing and studying is eternally important.
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