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12) Hebrews - Chapter 4:1-9
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Hebrews 4:1. Wherefore, since the Israelites were excluded from Canaan for their unbelief and disobedience, let us
be afraid, lest a promise of entrance into God's rest being left to all Abraham's seed in the covenant, any of you
should actually fall short of obtaining it.

     The proper object of fear is danger.  The Christians of that day were in danger of falling away.  If they failed to
     attain the rest they would have failed everything.

     Is there doubt that there is a rest - here Paul deals with it - does it appear that you won't make it?  It does for

Hebrews 4:2. For we also who believe, being Abraham's seed, have in that promise received the good tidings of a
rest in the heavenly country, even as the Israelites in the wilderness received the good tidings of a rest in Canaan.  
But the good tidings which they heard had no influence on their conduct, because they did not believe what they
Literally this says "for we are evangelized as well as they."  In other words both the Christians and the ancient Jews
were preached to about entering into the rest.

Literally the word of hearing did not profit them.

Not having it mingled with faith.  It has the root word for food in the stomach which does not get digested.  See
Exodus 19:7-8 and Exodus 24:3.

Hebrews 4:3. Wherefore, according to God's promise, we, the seed of Abraham who believe, shall enter into the rest
of God.  But it is a rest different from the seventh day rest, seeing He said, concerning the unbelieving Israelites in
the wilderness, So I swore in My wrath, they shall not enter into My rest, notwithstanding the works of creation were
finished, and the seventh day rest was instituted, from the formation of the world:  consequently the Israelites had
entered into that rest before the oath was sworn.
Hebrews 4:4. Paul again quotes Psalms 95.

From the foundations is reference to Genesis 2:2 - thus the Sabbath is a symbol of a rest to come that God had
already put into place at the beginning of creation.

Hebrews 4:5. In this place - Psalms 95 shows he is referring that the Jews could not enter the rest because of their

Hebrews 4:6. Under Joshua some entered the rest.  Was this the final rest?  No.

Hebrews 4:7. David warned the Jews not to disbelieve.

Hebrews 4:8. Jesus and Joshua are the exact same names in Hebrew.
Hebrews 4:9. Over and above the other rests that might be seen - land of Canaan, year of Jubilee, David and Israel,
etc: come unto me and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).

As soon as God had finished His work of creation He instituted the rest for mankind by giving the rest from physical
work, a foreshadowing of heavenly rest.