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10) Hebrews - Chapter 3:1-6
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Wherefore holy brethren - They are brethren, not by race or nationality, but by belief.

We are made holy by sanctification at our baptism when we bury the old man of sin and rise to walk in newness of
life.  We are holy if we walk in holiness.  None will see God unless holiness is present (Ephesians 5:5, Hebrews
12:14).  Church people need to live up to the name, "holy brethren."

God's heavenly, or holy, calling comes through the Word, through preaching (Romans 10:17).

This call is to a unique life:
1st Corinthians 1:2:  called to be saints.
2nd Thessalonians 2:14:  called to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Galatians 5:13:  called for freedom.
Romans 1:6:  called to be Jesus Christ.
Singular attention is now to be given to Jesus Christ for several reasons:
A) He was faithful (Hebrews 3:2).
B) He was appointed (Hebrews 3:2).
C) He was counted of more glory than Moses (Hebrews 3:3).
D) He was a Son over His house (Hebrews 3:6).

The word, "apostle" means "one sent", Jesus claimed to have been sent:
1) Luke 4:43:  "I must preach. . . . For therefore was I sent."
2) Luke 20:9-16:  He was the Son in the parable of the husbandman.

To whom was He sent?  Strictly speaking, to the Jews: Matthew 15:24:  "- unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
John 1:11:  "He came unto His own."

Purposefully speaking, to all men:  1st John 4:14: "to be the Savior of the world."  John 3:16: "the world."
The word "confession" is translated "profession" in the King James version.  It is the Greek word, homologia, used in
several other places:  
1) 1st Timothy 6:12:  "Profession" in King James version, "confession" in American Standard version
2) 2nd Corinthians 9:13:  "Profession" in King James version, "confession" in American Standard version
3) Hebrews 4:14:  "Profession" in King James version, "confession" in American Standard version
4) Hebrews 10:23:  "Profession" in King James version, "confession" in American Standard version

We do confess our faith in a person:
1) Matthew 10:32
2) Romans 10:9-10

We seek to emphasize that it is a confession in a person, and not a way of life.

The word "appointed", is also translated "advanced" or made.  It suggests that the word refers not to origin, but to
His example is 1st Samuel 12:6:  "The Lord advanced Moses and Aaron."  Christ was appointed to a task (John 9:4,
Hebrews 12:2, Hebrews 3:2).  It was a timely appointment.  Jesus came willingly to His appointment.

There are some appointments that should concern men:
A) A day to repent (Acts 17:30-31).
B) A day to die (Hebrews 9:27).

Moses was a faithful person:
Hebrews 11:25:  He chose ill treatment with the people of God.  Exodus is a picture of wayward, whimpering Israel
and faithful Moses:  They murmured, but Moses prayed.  They worshipped the golden calf, but Moses worshipped

He represents one division of the Old Testament.  Luke 24:44.  He was selected to be transfigured with Jesus.  
Matthew 17 - Moses glory vanished (Matthew 17:5-6).
What is meant by "glory"?  It means fame, honor, brightness, splendor, praise.

Christ may be regarded as the Builder and Furnisher of the whole house of Israel, of which Moses himself was a
member.  Christ is eternal; He was the rock from which Israel drank, so this figure is reasonable.

Moses was a servant, but Christ was a Son in God's house.

The expression, "house of Christ" never appears, but always the "house of God."
A) Ephesians 2:19:  "Household of God."
B) 1st Timothy 3:15:  "I - in the house of God."
C) Hebrews 10:21: "- over the house of God"
D) 1st Peter 4:17:  "judgment begins at the house of God,"
Now we are the glorious eternal house of God.  It is a joy to be a part of a house that cannot be destroyed (Matthew
16:13-18):  The gates of Hades cannot prevail against it (Matthew 7:24-27):  Storms of life will not destroy it.

And the glory of our hope it is also translated, "the rejoicing of hope":  This is a contrast to crying, complaining Israel.

Firm unto the end -
Our task is to complete a course that we have started.  A person cannot become a willful weakling and expect God
to save him.   God will save us because of our effort, not in spite of it.